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TAC Index Launches Air Freight Rates from Europe to China

Europe to China air freight rate index from 2020

TAC Index is pleased to announce that air freight rates for general cargo from Europe to China are now available on the TAC Index website. This route complements our more granular air cargo market coverage to China, such as Frankfurt to China and Frankfurt to Shanghai.

China is the second largest export market from Europe (excluding intra-Europe trade). The EU alone exported more than 230 billion Euros of goods to China in 2022 (source: Eurostat). The EU also imported more than 620 billion Euros worth of goods from China in 2022 making it the EU’s largest import partner (source: Eurostat). With TAC Index data you can now track air cargo price volatility on both Europe to China export and China to Europe import markets.

Air freight rates from Europe to China currently sit below pre-Covid levels, but they have had a turbulent journey since the start of 2020. Air cargo prices surged more than 200% with the initial impact of Covid in 2020 and then again with further lockdowns in September 2021. Then in 2022, as rates were declining, air cargo capacity was rocked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sending rates to their peak in mid 2022. Since then, and with the reopening of China in early 2023, air freight rates have been on a consistent downward trend before stabilising in Q2 2023.

Use TAC Index to make data-driven supply chain decisions and gain an edge with accurate, real-time insights into air cargo price dynamics.

You can now track the latest air freight rate market data through the TAC Index dashboard.

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