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Accurate Air Freight Rate Data

Air cargo market intelligence: make data-driven supply-chain decisions with precise air freight rate market data.

Track air cargo market volatility

TAC Index, the leading air cargo price platform, is an independent, market neutral, provider of global air freight data.

The air freight rate indices are calculated from transactional level data provided by global freight forwarders using transparent methodologies.

In dynamic markets TAC Index allows you to track air cargo price moves with confidence using the most accurate price data available on the market.

Baltic Exchange Air Freight Index

In Partnership with the Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Exchange, the pre-eminent provider of independent maritime data, with over 200 years of market experience, partnered with TAC Index to act as the calculating agent for the Baltic Air Freight Index (BAI) powered by TAC Data.

Data-drive your decisions for a competitive edge

TAC Index data is used by global shippers, forwarders, airlines and financial institutions to make informed decisions. Our users see a significant return on investment (ROI) through:
  • Smooth contract negotiations and management,
  • Accurate performance benchmarking,
  • Financial modelling and economic analysis,
  • Efficient price discovery and tracking,
  • Revenue and cost optimisations.
You are SAFER using TAC Index data!
International Shipping Routes by TAC Index
Risk Management Graph by TAC Index

Risk Management

TAC Index opens up a new field in air cargo with the development of new risk management products for the industry never previously available. These new tools allow users to fine tune and adjust their risk exposure over time.


Never before has such timely, high quality and actionable data been available to market users. TAC Index data sets are used for benchmarking, modelling, dynamic price modelling, as a macroeconomic indicator and more. TAC Index provides valuable freight indices and rates, including freight rates chart and freight cost index. Access real-time data for better logistics decisions.

Air Freight Rates Chart by TAC Index

Core users of TAC Index data

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Risk Management

Our Products

TAC Index currently produces three products; some live and others in last stage development. TAC Freight tracks general cargo pricing; demand, while TAC Space tracks theoretical air cargo capacity; supply. TAC Energy tracks fuel surcharge data.

TAC Freight: Air Cargo Pricing Rate Index
TAC Freight: Air Freight Price Index

Airport-to-airport general cargo pricing index tracking volatility across the major air cargo trade routes. Data used for benchmarking and risk management purposes.

TAC Energy: Fuel Surcharge Index
TAC Energy: Energy Spot Rates

Fuel Surcharge pricing index tracking volatility on a global and country level. Your source for centralized Fuel Surcharge information.

TAC Space: Freight Capacity Tool
TAC Space: Space Cargo Rates

Theoretical capacity tracking solution using real-time satellite data. An innovative way to understand fluctuations in air cargo capacity flows.

TAC Index data trusted by:


Both data sets are generated using similar methodology. As the BAI is a financial compliant, fully audited index for the settlement of financial contracts they are obligated to produce a handbook, the latest version can be viewed here.

No, forwarders can only access TAC Freight data sets as a Data Provider which is free of charge. For more information please contact TAC Index directly at info@tacindex.com

No – these user types can only access the TAC Freight data as a subscriber.
This data is available to all users on a subscription basis.
The data is taken from the Master Airway Bill (MAWB) between Airline & Forwarder.
TAC Index is an independent price reporting agency that is fully antitrust compliant. The data sets are produced weekly using only transactional data obtained from the MAWB. The data is filtered, cleaned, checked and verified before publication each Monday at 17:00 GMT making the unbiased data sets extremely valuable at point of publication.

Click on the following link to see an interesting overview of how air cargo works here.

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