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Global Air Freight Forwarders

Air freight forwarding is a logistics service that manages the transportation of goods via air travel, handling everything from booking cargo space and documentation to customs clearance and route optimization. It’s a key service for businesses seeking fast and efficient delivery of goods by air.

Become a TAC Index Data Provider – Access the most timely, actionable data available, essential for international air freight forwarders and other users of air freight.

Empowering Air Forwarders: Exclusive Tools and Insights

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Benchmark your procurement performance against the market.

Get market insights into consolidation benefits and other key performance indicators.

Next generation risk-management tools for the air freight market.

Elevating Freight Forwarding Strategies and Risk Management

Benchmark against your peers and the market as a whole, a key consideration for freight forwarding and air freight forwarder activities

Manage your risk exposure effectively with this data

Use TAC and BAI data for Index Linked Agreements (ILAs) in order to manage risk better.

Use TAC and BAI data sets for dynamic price modelling in your freight forwarding and air cargo forwarder roles

” The Baltic Air Freight Index provides an independent, uncompromised view of the air freight market and our oversight will help ensure that the Index can become listed by financial clearing houses. This would provide the air cargo industry with new ways of managing its freight rate risk and potentially bring in new market participants. ”

Mark Jackson
Baltic Exchange Chief Executive

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