TAC Index | Global Air Freight Rate Market Data
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Become a TAC Index subscriber and gain access to actionable market data.

Access the TAC Index and BAI suite of products:

TAC Freight: Air Freight Price Index
TAC Energy: Energy Spot Rates
TAC Space: Space Cargo Rates

Continuous market price discovery throughout the calendar year, capturing weekly market price volatility.

Trade Air Freight Forward Agreements.

Access market data through the TAC Index API. This enables seemless integration of the data directly into your data management systems.

Benefit from ANP (Actual Net Price) Data – the cost between Airline & Forwarder over the actual weight, rather than the chargeable weight.

Highly volatile market. Annualized air cargo price volatility between 20-180%.

Benchmark your performance

Hedge your risk exposure

Make informed decisions using high quality, timely data

User Cases

An airline can protect against downside risk, but also take advantage of upside opportunities.

A freight forwarder may fix costs and revenues, but also exit fixed pricing subject to market liquidity.

A shipper can negate adverse price movement over a particular time period, whilst retaining optionality between providers and become genuinely competitive against the marketplace.

We have followed and worked closely with TAC for a while and know they have the right protocols in place to deliver a reliable and accurate index against which financial risk management tools can be settled

Michael Gaylard
Head of Commercial Strategy, FIS

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