TAC Freight Subscription and Pricing

Data Providers Custom Global
To Freight Forwarders who supply data

US$5,000 per annum
Per individual route
Select relevant, specific routes
Discounts for multiple route subscription
Includes API web access, historical data and more.

US$80,000 per annum
Global route subscription
Access to all published routes
Access to all new routes
Includes API web access, historical data and more.

TAC weekly Prices
Export Charts
TAC API access
Access to Historical Data
Multi-user Account


Access to new routes published during subscription period Free of Charge
Chart comparison functionality
Currency conversion to USD & EUR using best practice
Company administration functionality
Other TAC Index industry data:
Standard lane-specific index reports
Compare your price with the market
Additional KPI indicators
Value Added Services:
Premium lane-specific index reports
TAC space
TAC Energy

Gain access to Baltic Exchange Air Freight Index


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