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TAC Index Launches Air Freight Rate Index from Bangkok (Thailand) to Europe

TAC Index is pleased to announce that an air freight rate index for general cargo from Bangkok (Thailand) to Europe is now available on the TAC Index website.

Thailand has a large export market to Europe, with the EU importing more than 27 billion Euros of goods from Thailand in 2022. The TAC Index data provides participants in this trade lane with real-time insights into air freight rates, aiding strategic decision-making in this dynamic market.

Air cargo costs from Bangkok to Europe have had a turbulent journey in the last 4 years, soaring by over 300% from pre-Covid to its peak in 2022 before returning to 2019 levels earlier this year. Now, you can stay on top of these market dynamics with up to date data from TAC Index.

You can now track the latest market data through the TAC Index dashboard.

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