2021-02-01 HKG - LAX 39.4HKD +4.36 (+12.4%) | 2021-02-01 HKG - AMS 33.2HKD +1.38 (+4.3%) | 2021-02-01 FRA - PVG 0.9EUR -0.04 (-4.3%) | 2021-02-01 PVG - LAX 41.3CNY +5.98 (+17.0%) | 2021-02-01 PVG - AMS 29.1CNY +2.06 (+7.6%) SUBSCRIBE to access the LATEST weekly data

The TAC Index are the premier providers of accurate, timely, and independent reference price information for general air cargo around the world.

The TAC Index publish weekly average general cargo prices on major global origin destination (OD) pairs.

The TAC Index uses secure web-based technology with rigorous and transparent processes to compile and publish reference prices (“Indices”) for clearly specified products. The published indices are highly representative of physical spot market transaction prices. They are calculated using actual transaction data submitted by global air forwarders active in the relevant product markets. All data providers are anonymous and actual transaction data remains completely confidential.

The compiled index prices use transparent and verifiable processes that are fully auditable, providing market participants with confidence in their objectivity and making them suitable for financial instruments.

The TAC Index has no financial interest in the prices of the products for which it compiles indices. The TAC Index are a neutral and impartial organization in accordance to antitrust requirements.

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DEFINITIONS: Each city pairing definition will be defined according to standard route market prices.

ADDITIONAL INDICES: Other indices will ultimately be established such as Fuel Surcharge Index & Global Indices.


SUBSECTOR INDICES (only available to data providers).


TAC ANP Price time series July 2015 - December 2016


Download TAC Index Pricing Methodology & Specifications Guide

Key features


  • Data is supplied by global air freight forwarders
  • All data is at the transaction (house and master AWB) level


  • Clearly defined methodologies are used to calculate industry standard reference prices
  • All reference prices are calculated as volume weighted average prices

Up to date

  • Data is uploaded every Monday by 0900 UTC for the previous week (Monday-Sunday)
  • The TAC Index aggregates and publishes market data every Monday by 1200 UTC for the previous week (Monday-Sunday)


  • Data is uploaded over secure, encrypted channels via an API or browser
  • All published data is completely anonymous
  • No transaction data is stored on the front end servers


  • All transaction data is fully verifiable and auditable
  • Data is cleaned using data validation and statistical filtering at a transaction level to ensure data integrity
  • No OD pair is published until it passes a number of strict thresholds


Subscriber Package

Subscribers to the TAC Index will receive key information on a weekly basis, regarding the most up-to-date industry pricing available on our lanes. This information can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world using our website portal and subscriber account details. Subscribers can sign-up for individual or multiple lane data, depending on which information is most relevant. All TAC Index data can be requested in CSV format.

Data Provider Package

The TAC Index brings clarity to the benefit of all concerned parties with respect to air cargo pricing. This clarity is good for the industry as a whole, and is a valuable tool for individual companies interested in this segment. The TAC Index welcomes all potential Data Providers and assures complete anonymity. The more Data Providers that participate in the TAC Index, the more it will improve for both subscribers and providers. To register as a Data Provider, please enter all relevant details on the registration page and a representative of the TAC Index will be in contact within 5 working days to complete the registration process.

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What is the geographical coverage of the TAC Index?

The TAC Index is currently publishing OD pairs out of Hong Kong and Frankfurt. Data publishing is controlled by strict data thresholds to maintain data quality and so no data provider can overweight an OD pair. We are hoping to begin publishing data out of China and USA shortly.

Who currently provides data to the TAC Index?

The TAC Index only takes data from air freight forwarders and currently receives transaction data from a number of top 25 global air freight forwarders.

Can I be a data provider?

If you are an air freight forwarder you are welcome to apply to become a TAC Index data provider.

What are the benefits of being a data provider?

As a data provider you will receive free access to the TAC Index market data for the origin destination pairs that you provide data for.

What risk management tools are available for air cargo?

Currently no such financial tools exist. This is one of the main aims of the TAC Index. Index linked contracts are currently undergoing a trial evaluation.

Can other people access my data?

No. The TAC Index takes data security very seriously to protect our data partners’ data. All transactional data is stored on a separate secure server and only aggregated market data is pushed to the front end TAC Index servers. Published data undergoes strict evaluations to ensure that no individual data provider’s data can be reverse engineered from the aggregated published data.