2021-02-01 HKG - LAX 39.4HKD +4.36 (+12.4%) | 2021-02-01 HKG - AMS 33.2HKD +1.38 (+4.3%) | 2021-02-01 FRA - PVG 0.9EUR -0.04 (-4.3%) | 2021-02-01 PVG - LAX 41.3CNY +5.98 (+17.0%) | 2021-02-01 PVG - AMS 29.1CNY +2.06 (+7.6%) SUBSCRIBE to access the LATEST weekly data

Key Features


Weekly general cargo prices ($/kg)


Based on transactional data from global air forwarders


Transparent methodology for industry standard metrics


Major global origin destination (OD) pairs

Free access to data for air forwarder data providers

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Market Benefits


Save time with instant access to current air cargo price trends


Improve performance by benchmarking against the market

Financial Planning

Introduction of new risk management tools

Valued Service

Differentiate price and services

Who uses us


  • Less research time with instant access to relevant air cargo market intelligence
  • Better procurement performance by benchmarking against the market
  • Improve tender process with access to up to date market trends


  • Up to date air cargo market intelligence for your airport
  • Ability to compare your performance against your regional and international peers


  • Access to the most up to date average general cargo prices
  • Ability to do index linked contracts


  • FREE ACCESS to relevant market intelligence by being a data provider
  • Better sales pricing with the most up to date market prices for general cargo
  • Improvement in operational efficiency by benchmarking performance against your peers
  • More efficient tender process with shipping clients plus transparent market data


  • Most up to date intelligence on the current state of the air cargo market
  • Identify trends in the air cargo market
  • Benchmark sector performance against a standard industry metric
  • Create new economic indicators

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